Non Stick Flippin Pancake Maker

৳ 480.00



  • Please do not contact with open flames or approach to the heat source like oven heating pipe. We suggest that you can put the mold in the middle or top of the oven, keep at least 5 cm / 1.97 inches away from heating tube when cooking.
  • You can use sponge to wash this mold in the dishwasher or warm water with a neutral detergent properly. and turning the mold when washing will get a better washing effect.
  • Please do not press the “Fresh” button on the microwave oven.
  • Please approach to tool board or wash it with steel wool or other cleaning tools.
  • After baking, take the pan out and stand and cool for about ten minutes for a better effect.
  • Correct use may extend the life of the product.


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